What is Pezmoo?

The phrase pez mou is Greek for "Tell Me".

Have you ever thought of something and wondered how others would respond? Perhaps it was a situation you read about or a decision that had a big impact on your life. Maybe you were simply curious about the most popular ice cream flavor or which household chore people dread most.

With Pezmoo, you can ask questions and let the world "Tell You" its opinion. If you're shy, just cast your vote on some existing questions instead. Either way, Pezmoo is a fun and addictive way to see what people really think!

How does it work?

1. Simply ask a question and list out your options, then let Pezmoo collect the web's opinions.

2. Help others by offering your opinion on the questions that they've asked. You'll find that it's fun and rewarding.

To help keep things interesting, you earn points for asking and answering questions, and receive badges for special accomplishments. For example, you can establish yourself as an expert in a given subject area.

The most important thing is for you to be have fun passing time while helping others make decisions.


Rather than reading through tons of pages, your opinions are tallied. Your results are clear and easy to read.

Sometimes you need an answer soon or the opinions are no longer relevant after a certain date. We offer you the ability to let your questions expire.

Sometimes you don't want the opinion of everyone on a question. We offer you the ability to ask private questions and a private question link to share.

Sometimes you don't want people to know it was you who asked a question. We offer you the ability to ask your question anonymously. The results will still show up in your account page.

Compete for dominance on the site's leaderboard by asking questions and giving opinions. The better your question, the more opinions it will receive. The more opinions your questions get, the more points you earn.

Who's running this thing?

Pezmoo is coded by a couple of dudes with sweet goatees. We have over 25 years of combined experience in designing safe and secure web sites.  Feel free to Contact us!