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White, Red or Pink Grapefruit - Which do you like best? 6 Days Ago
Do eggs and grapefruit go together? 6 Days Ago
How Many Children Do You Have? 6 Days Ago
Do you have someone who you hate? 3 Weeks Ago
Do you believe in... 1 Month Ago
Which do you think is better? 1 Month Ago
Favorite Bill Murray movie 1 Month Ago
For animal lovers only... 1 Month Ago
How was the universe created? 1 Month Ago
Do you think the government are 100% honest to its PEOPLE IN USA? 1 Month Ago
Have you ever played the game Minecraft? 1 Month Ago
Are you going to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday? 1 Month Ago
Are you a sore loser when you lose a game? 2 Months Ago
Do you think music artists should be obligated to promote good messages in their songs? 2 Months Ago
Do you 2 Months Ago 1
Would you consider your self fat/overweight? 2 Months Ago
We're you in a band when you were in school 2 Months Ago
Wasabi peas 2 Months Ago
How would you prefer your own death? 2 Months Ago
Guys-pick a girl 2 Months Ago
...Favorite Frozen character? 2 Months Ago
...Frozen fan? 2 Months Ago
Do you like..... 2 Months Ago
Which do you think is more influential? 2 Months Ago
How often do you feel lonely ? 2 Months Ago
Have you played Five Nights At Freddy's? 2 Months Ago
What kind of dessert are you most fond of? I am a cookies & icecream kind of girl. 2 Months Ago
Which of these Dwarves would you be? 2 Months Ago
Are you a nerd? 2 Months Ago
Do you eat late at nights? 2 Months Ago 1
Is it bad to love more than 1 woman @ the same time? Non relative women. 10 Months Ago
Have you ever watched the movie Gleaming the Cube starring Christian Slater? 10 Months Ago
Do you wear your seatbelt when riding in a car? 10 Months Ago
What sports should I put my daughter in? 10 Months Ago
Have you ever thrown up at a friends house from drinking wine or beer? 10 Months Ago
Do you watch the show "None of the Above"? 10 Months Ago
Should I have my profile picture as me, my daughter, my son, or my family all together? 10 Months Ago
How do you use Pezmoo? 10 Months Ago
Battle of the bands 10 Months Ago 1
Has Pezmoo ever visited by trolls? 10 Months Ago
How old are you 10 Months Ago 1
Please read the description. Did it make you laugh? 10 Months Ago
What is your favorite place where there is water? 10 Months Ago
Have you ever been told anything that was a secret and told someone else that secret? 10 Months Ago
Are you addicted to Pezmoo? 10 Months Ago
If you see someone abusing a child in a public place do you.... 10 Months Ago
If you notice someone stealing from a store do you... 10 Months Ago
If you could would you rather be... 10 Months Ago
If you were poor and hungry would you... 10 Months Ago
What is worse??? 10 Months Ago
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