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If you buy a snack or drink from a vending machine and it gets stuck, what do you do? 1 Week Ago 1
Do you like dreadlocks? 1 Week Ago
How fast is your data network 1 Week Ago
Has anyone burned white sage to cleanse a house? 1 Week Ago 1
Do you smoke marijuana? 2 Weeks Ago
Are you playing any April Fool's jokes today? 2 Weeks Ago
Do you like April Fool's pranks? 2 Weeks Ago
Is spanking a valid way to discipline children? 2 Weeks Ago
How do you pronounce "often"? 2 Weeks Ago
Which of these do you like the most? BING OR GOOGLE? 2 Weeks Ago
Has the quality of TV programming improved or declined? 3 Months Ago
Is pop culture good or bad for promoting religious values? 3 Months Ago
Can the U.S. men's soccer team win a World Cup in the next 20 years? 3 Months Ago
Do you celebrate holidays/festivals that are not observed by your culture/religion? 3 Months Ago
Do you ever make friends while gaming? 3 Months Ago
Have you ever let a stranger use your phone? 3 Months Ago
When traveling, is bringing your music a must? 3 Months Ago
Should gun control be tightened? 3 Months Ago
Who do you start with at the gym? 3 Months Ago
Do you prefer bottled water, or water from the tap? 3 Months Ago
Have you ever gone hunting? 3 Months Ago
who do you want to win? 3 Months Ago
US Citizenship 3 Months Ago
Have you ever been on the fan cam at a sporting event? 3 Months Ago
Have you read/listened to "The Lone Survivor" and are you going to see the movie? 3 Months Ago
Why dinosaurs are extinct? 3 Months Ago
Do you believe in mythology? 3 Months Ago
Why are you afraid of death? 3 Months Ago
If your teenage kid was doing drugs, how would you make him/her stop? 3 Months Ago
Why did "Cassius Clay aka Mohammad Ali" converted to Islam? 3 Months Ago
Do you planet x is real and getting closer? 5 Months Ago
Which is more important to you - your beliefs or your knowledge? 6 Months Ago
At what age range do you think it's excellent for a male & female to get married? 6 Months Ago
Do you ever look at the Pezmoo leaderboards & try to place on them? 6 Months Ago
Should parents receiving child support from an ex be required to have a job and earn income as well? 6 Months Ago
Do you have any strange talents? 6 Months Ago
Would you become Facebook friends with Pezmoo members? 6 Months Ago
To how many people have you said hello today ? 6 Months Ago
Summer weather during the Fall season - Love it or Hate it? 6 Months Ago
What is the "THAT" that Meatloaf won't do for love? 6 Months Ago 1
Do you have a personalized licence plate? 6 Months Ago
How often do you feel tired? 6 Months Ago
Have you every tried mobile banking from your cell phone or tablet? 6 Months Ago
Rate It - Public school system 6 Months Ago
Which of these would be your reaction to see someone vomit which the color is pure-pink? 6 Months Ago
Love and Cheating 6 Months Ago
Are you apart of my gaming community? If not could you please join? 6 Months Ago
Which do you find more fascinating? 6 Months Ago
What is your definition of a soul? 6 Months Ago
Do you think freedom of speech is free? 6 Months Ago
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