As you explore and use Pezmoo, you can earn a variety of badges. Some badges are awarded automatically, while others are awarded by the Pezmoo team.

Check out some of the badges currently available:

Badge Description Total Awarded
Benjamin Your question received 100 answers! Great job! 42
Beta Thanks for helping during our private beta! 122
Brainstormer Suggested a new Pezmoo feature and we implemented it. 4
Bug Exterminator Helped the Pezmoo team squish a reproducible bug! 29
Centurion Defeated your first 100 questions. 400 more to go... 478
Commentator You've added 25 comments or more. 2353
Curious Asked 15 or more questions. Keep it coming! 900
Dime Thanks for asking 10 questions! Can you spare a Nickel? 159
Editor You used our Edit Question feature for the 1st Time. 41
Indy You've answered 500 questions! Got another 500 in you? 963
Librarian Suggested a new category that was accepted. 1
Newbie Congratulations on asking your first question! Got four more? 744
Nickel Asked 5 questions. Got another five in you? 253
Promoter Someone signed up by your referral. 10
Thumbs Up! Someone likes your question - Great Job! 7512
VIP Your question received 1,000 answers! We're not worthy! 0
Welcome Aboard Thanks for signing up with Pezmoo! You're awesome! 1771