Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 260 Have you ever had a bee trapped inside your car?
Business 113 As a kid, what was your dream job?
Career 241 Did you achieve the dream job you had as a kid?
College 17 Are you currently in school?
Culture 401 What music do you listen to most ?
Education 279 How much school did you complete or plan to complete?
Entertainment 2172 Who's your favourite?
Family 458 Do you hate the way men are portrayed as idiots in most television shows?
Finance 204 When did you come to the realization that money does NOT grow on trees?
Food & Dining 1270 Favorite brand of Iced Tea (bags) used for homemade tea?
Gaming 140 What's best (open-world-games)
Green & Environment 161 What would you say is the most dangerous threat in the world right now?
Health & Fitness 844 Do you have insomnia?
History 52 What do you believe is the meaning of life?
Holidays 307 Where do you prefer to go?
Home & Garden 338 Rate It - Having your home to yourself
Medical 100 Which is worse?
Misc 2227 Do you have a fan in your bedroom?
Music 393 Which era do you think has the better classic rock?
Outdoors & Recreation 302 Have you ever piloted (driven) a boat?
Parenting 136 What is one thing you wish your parents told about life when you where growing up ?
Pets 188 Which pet would you prefer to have?
Politics 381 Do you know what communism is and what do you think about it?
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 888 Have you ever attended another person's wedding?
Religion 202 Christians: What is your favorite verse from the Bible?
Retirement 22 What grade are you supposed to be in when you are 11 almost 12
Science 121 Does Science interest you?
Shopping 177 Is amazon prime worth the money?
Sports 356 Which would you rather?
Style & Fashion 279 How many clothes of the opposite sex do you own?
Technology 526 Does your smart phone have an IR transmitter to remote control your TV, etc.?
Travel 326 Which is best - Cancun or Hawaii?
World News 153 Rate It - Murph:The Protector