Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 260 Have you ever had a bee trapped inside your car?
Business 115 Have you ever had to report someone to a police station????
Career 245 What type of job would be the best possible job for you?
College 17 Are you currently in school?
Culture 402 Who's death do you dread more?
Education 280 In school what was your favorite subject in school?
Entertainment 2192 Do/Did you ever deactivate your Facebook account to take a break from it?
Family 461 Do you have a brother or sister that has ADD , ADHD , OCD, or down syndrome
Finance 204 When did you come to the realization that money does NOT grow on trees?
Food & Dining 1281 Rate It - Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Gaming 140 What's best (open-world-games)
Green & Environment 163 Which would be worse to see in your yard?
Health & Fitness 847 Do you know anyone who suffers from depression?
History 52 What do you believe is the meaning of life?
Holidays 307 Where do you prefer to go?
Home & Garden 340 What is the main colour of your bedroom?
Medical 102 Do you have any mental health problems?
Misc 2237 Have you ever been accosted in your own home?
Music 396 What do you think of Taylor Swift's new song and music video?
Outdoors & Recreation 306 Do you hear crickets chirping?
Parenting 137 Is this normall
Pets 188 Which pet would you prefer to have?
Politics 382 Will Gov Rick Perry, indicted August 15, be convicted under either charge?
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 893 Singles, are you scared to fall in love?
Religion 203 Do you say prayers before going to bed?
Retirement 22 What grade are you supposed to be in when you are 11 almost 12
Science 121 Does Science interest you?
Shopping 178 What would you honestly think if you saw a girl wearing guys clothes?
Sports 359 Have you ever been to Fenway Park in Boston for a baseball game?
Style & Fashion 279 How many clothes of the opposite sex do you own?
Technology 531 For computers, do you use: Mouse or finger pad thing?
Travel 332 Where is the last place you would want to go?
World News 156 Is coverage of Ferguson, MO police killing of Michael Brown too much, too little, or just right?