Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 241 Someone is high beaming you...what do you think?
Business 95 Which brand name do you prefer?
Career 227 Have you ever done a phone interview?
College 16 Are you currently in school?
Culture 355 Did you shake anyone's hand today?
Education 253 What is the best way to escape from Boring lectures in college?
Entertainment 1865 Should Facebook have a playlist feature?
Family 425 Wreck it Ralph or The Croods?
Finance 193 Did you receive or are you expecting a tax refund this year?
Food & Dining 1171 Do you think anyone has ever spit in your food at a restaurant?
Gaming 109 Do you know how to play chess?
Green & Environment 147 Do you like rainy days
Health & Fitness 772 Agree or Disagree?
History 48 Have you ever wished to redo your past?
Holidays 292 What is your opinion on a show called Salem, all about witches making it's premier on Easter?
Home & Garden 318 Do you use coasters when placing drinks on a piece of furniture in your home?
Medical 85 Have you blown your nose today?
Misc 1966 What is your reaction to this…?
Music 369 How much is too much on concert tickets?
Outdoors & Recreation 279 Road trips..
Parenting 129 Is spanking a valid way to discipline children?
Pets 173 True/False: A house is not a home without a pet
Politics 362 Should he serve the jail time now?
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 814 Which would you choose?
Religion 191 Who is going to see the movie Heaven is for Real?
Retirement 21 Do you have any retirement plans? Such as a savings account for that, stocks, Roth accounts, IRAs?
Science 112 Have you seen Fox's rework of Carl Sagan's Cosmos TV show?
Shopping 164 Walgreens or CVS?
Sports 340 Super clásico español - guess the outcome!
Style & Fashion 263 Do you like dreadlocks?
Technology 485 Where do you keep your phone's brightness level?
Travel 306 Have you ever been in a hotel room and thought "I wonder if there are hidden cameras in here"?
World News 150 Do you watch the daily news on tv?