Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 275 Have you been to a driving school?
Business 125 Which is the most effective service in your opinion?
Career 266 What do you think is the most effective voting ?:
College 18 Which is best?
Culture 443 Who do you when you get home from work
Education 304 Which of these should I take?
Entertainment 2389 Lost - Love it or Hate it?
Family 497 Which is best - Sleeping or Working?
Finance 213 Which is best - GB pounds (Sterling) or EURO?
Food & Dining 1368 Did you or will you have an alcoholic beverage today?
Gaming 162 Sims 3 - Love it or Hate it?
Green & Environment 170 If you could permanently "uninvent" any 3 things, what would they be?
Health & Fitness 889 Have you ever had a Plantar's wart on your foot?
History 55 How old do you wish to be
Holidays 346 Do you like barbeques in your holidays?
Home & Garden 354 Have you ever had a tree die on your property?
Medical 111 What determines your level of pain tolerance?
Misc 2382 Do you burn candles in your house?
Music 422 Do you like laying by a bank of the river?
Outdoors & Recreation 319 What do you think?
Parenting 140 Do you love your parents?
Pets 210 Do you like alligaors
Politics 397 Which is best
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 952 Girls: how do I choose the right guy
Religion 207 Adam and Eve
Retirement 22 What grade are you supposed to be in when you are 11 almost 12
Science 124 Wrinkles or not ??
Shopping 182 Which is best - BestBuy or Walmart?
Sports 375 Do you think Swansea should be the capital of wales
Style & Fashion 296 Do you like flowers?
Technology 550 Do you ever use your phone on the toilet??
Travel 339 For those who fear flying in airplanes...
World News 158 Do you want 2 put an end 2 racism