Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 269 If you drive, how many seats does your vehicle have?
Business 118 Do you have a credit union account.
Career 261 If you sprained your ankle somehow and the Doctor gave you a day out of work, would you feel awful?
College 17 Are you currently in school?
Culture 432 Rate It - Cities (in general)
Education 298 Did you pay for college out of pocket, or did you get scholarships?
Entertainment 2331 R you named after 1 of these?
Family 483 Do you want adopted kids or biological children?
Finance 210 How often do you treat yourself?
Food & Dining 1349 Which is best?
Gaming 161 Are you a sore loser when you lose a game?
Green & Environment 168 Do you
Health & Fitness 873 Would you consider your self fat/overweight?
History 55 How old do you wish to be
Holidays 339 Did you celebrate Martin Luther King Day or National Popcorn Day?
Home & Garden 350 Do you use a shower head with several settings?
Medical 108 Do you have chronic pain?
Misc 2337 So, how can you have a Pezmoo account but no name on your polls? Hmmm?
Music 412 What are your personal thoughts about Justin Bieber?
Outdoors & Recreation 314 Favorite season?
Parenting 140 Do you love your parents?
Pets 201 Which one?
Politics 395 How "Patriotic" r...5(best) 1(least)
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 941 Would you take a bullet 4 your best friend?
Religion 205 Which of these sins you struggle the most?
Retirement 22 What grade are you supposed to be in when you are 11 almost 12
Science 124 Wrinkles or not ??
Shopping 180 Do you like black Friday?
Sports 367 Can you twerk or nah?
Style & Fashion 293 How are you wearing your hair right now?
Technology 547 Do you like electronics?
Travel 338 How often do you and friends go on a road trip?
World News 158 Do you want 2 put an end 2 racism