Category Questions Last Question Asked
Automotive 265 Is gas over $3 or under $3 where you live?
Business 115 Have you ever had to report someone to a police station????
Career 254 Do you have awkward times/moments in your workplace?
College 17 Are you currently in school?
Culture 416 Do you think that, if the topic ever came up, pedos could be considered a civil rights group?
Education 289 I pulled hay out of my ear!!!
Entertainment 2244 How far are you holding your device from your face?
Family 471 Just want everyone to know
Finance 204 When did you come to the realization that money does NOT grow on trees?
Food & Dining 1300 If you had to pick ONE last thing to eat, what would it be?
Gaming 147 Do you say yas yes or yus
Green & Environment 163 Which would be worse to see in your yard?
Health & Fitness 856 There is only one thing we can do...
History 54 It's National Kitten Month!
Holidays 311 Are you going to any Halloween parties?
Home & Garden 341 Who would you rather live next door to?
Medical 105 Advice?
Misc 2257 What percent of products sold on Craigslist are stolen items?
Music 398 Have you won a radio contest where you call in and answer a question?
Outdoors & Recreation 309 Have you ever shot a bow?
Parenting 138 My daughter is pregnant
Pets 190 Are humans better than dogs or are dogs better than humans?
Politics 384 What would you have voted in the Scottish Referendum?
Real Estate 16 Where would you rather live?
Relationships 904 Boy trouble¿¿¿
Religion 203 Do you say prayers before going to bed?
Retirement 22 What grade are you supposed to be in when you are 11 almost 12
Science 122 Favorite color?
Shopping 179 Do you like clothes shopping?
Sports 361 Who will be the starting center for the Celtics to start the season?
Style & Fashion 285 Does any one like one direction?
Technology 537 Has your mobile phone's camera replaced your regular point & shoot camera?
Travel 335 Would you ever fly again if you survived a plane crash?
World News 157 Bob - Love it or Hate it?