Best Type of Motorcycle?

Whether it is to ride or one that you think looks nice.




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BiggJoe BiggJoe says:
I have a 2005 Honda Goldwing GL-1800 ....Chromed out to the max!!! Ive had 11 bikes over the yrs and this ranks in the top 2 that Ive ever had.
3 Months Ago   
Jade Jade says:
Ahhh, BiggJoe...I knew I lusted for you for more than your cooking skills!! Personally, I've had only Hondas and one Suzuki, but I'm not against a relaxed ride, too!
3 Months Ago   
BiggJoe BiggJoe says:
Just about every bike Ive owned since I was 18 I've dressed for touring with bags a fairing and radio. ... When I was young I idolized a friends dads tourer and I was hooked ever since.
3 Months Ago   
sk8brdkd sk8brdkd says:
I just bought my very first motorcycle a week ago. It's a 2003 Yamaha R1
3 Months Ago   
Jade Jade says:
Sk8, you are going to have some of the best times of your life on that bike! Be careful, for sure, but have fun! Wow, what I would do to go back to the days of having my's better than therapy, I'm telling you now! There's no other feeling like it. @Joe, ok, that's it...I'm officially stalking you now! I'm in love - a cook and a motorcycle. WOW ;)
2 Months Ago   
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